Project Description

Anfiteatro Romano


TheRoman amphitheater was a monumental building of ancient Benevento. Historical sources suggest that it existed in the year 63, because Nerone witnessed a gladiatorial show in the city. The rests of the building were found in 1985 between via Munazio Planco and the Leproso bridge. Part of the building is buried under the Benevento-Cancello railway tracks.

The Roman amphitheater of Benevento emerged in 1985 with the demolition of the House of the mother and child, erected in the fascist era. It is located outside the medieval city walls, in a position adjacent to the ancient route of the Via Appia. Its proximity to the cryptoporticus of the Santi Quaranta and to the artisan quarter of Cellarulo shows that the ancient city extended to the west up to the Calore river. In the years following the discovery some exploratory excavations were conducted, and in 1999 the site was acquired by the local Superintendency.